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Title: Dreamwalker
Credit to: [personal profile] sunrisetr, or [community profile] dusktilldawn
Base style: Tabula Rasa
Type: Full layout, CSS
Best resolution: Variable width
Tested in: Firefox. IE8 doesn't support the rounded corners, so it won't appear half as nice.
Features: Has custom comment pages. Fluid width entries, fluid width sidebar, fluid text. Tiny icons by Pinvoke.

Click the image for large preview.



  • While all sidebar modules are supported, the layout is designed for having the navigation links as the topmost item on the sidebar. You may want to keep that in mind when you install it.

  • Sadly, Internet Explorer 8 does not support rounded corners, which I've gratuitously abused in this layout. Sorry, IE users. You can still install the layout, it's just that you won't have the rounded borders. IE9 beta users, though, are good to go.

  • You may want to save the header image and the tiny icons used to your own webspace just in case. I can't guarantee how long they will be up.

  • Questions? Ideas? Found a bug or want me to fix something? Don't hesitate to drop a comment! I'm new to making DW layouts, so any recommendations you'd make, especially ones that'd streamline and clean up the code, would be welcome.


  • Please credit [personal profile] sunrisetr or [community profile] dusktilldawn.

  • Modify the code at will for personal use, but don't redistribute.

Installation Instructions:

  • Under Organize, go to the Select Style menu.

  • Select Tabula Rasa as your layout.

  • Select Plain as your theme.

  • Set your Page Layout to 2 Column (Sidebar on Right). This is important, I can't guarantee how the layout will look for you otherwise.

  • In the Custom CSS page, uncheck "Use layout's stylesheet(s)" .

  • Copy and paste the code above in the Custom CSS box.

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